map download: ______________ CLIENT SIDE: Should already work without configuration. You can however use the following cvars for further tuning (see for more up-to-date information): cl_curl_enabled download support enabled (master switch) cl_curl_maxdownloads maximum number of downloads at once cl_curl_maxspeed maximum total speed in KiB/s Downloaded packages end up in |Xonotic/data/dlcache/| or |~/.xonotic/data/dlcache/| and are only used till you exit Xonotic. If you want to play them localy or use them to setup a server of your own you can "accept" the packages by moving it one level up - right next to your config.cfg. You should regularily clean up your cache to save space and make the maps you really want available from the menu. SERVER SIDE: First of all, you need a HTTP or FTP server to host your PK3s. You can either use some web space provider, or set up your own. For this, use any FTP or HTTP server software you want (HTTP: lighttpd, Apache, thttpd; FTP: Filezilla, vsftpd). HTTP is to be preferred because it works better for firewalled players. On the server, you need to set up where to download the PK3s of the maps you are running. You can either use the cvar sv_curl_defaulturl default download URL to set it to some site, or put a file named "curl_urls.txt" in the data directory of the following format: pattern url pattern url pattern url ... where always the first wildcard pattern match is taken. data* - strale* http://stralemaps.invalid/ * http://all.the.other.stuff.invalid/id/here.php?pak= foo* The pk3 name will be appended to the URL by DarkPlaces. Note that you NEED to append a trailing slash if you refer to a directory. If you specify a "-" as URL, the package will not be offered for download. INFORMATION FOR MIRROR/MAP SERVER ADMINS: The Referer is always set to dp://serverhost:serverport/, the User-Agent always starts with "Xonotic". Look at this sample log line: - - [06/Jun/2006:19:43:14 +0000] "GET /~polzer/temp/nexmaps.php?filename=o-fun.pk3 HTTP/1.1" 302 - "dp://" "Xonotic Linux 21:26:17 Jun 6 2006" If you want to set up a redirection service, here is a sample PHP code for you to start from: $title


$message"; exit(0); } $filename = $_GET['filename']; $useragent = getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT"); if(strpos($useragent, "Xonotic ") !== 0) bailout(403, "Forbidden", "You're not a Xonotic client."); $url = findmap($filename); if(!$url) bailout(404, "Not Found", "Well... try another file name?"); header("HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily"); header("Location: $url"); ?>